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Eliminate – Free Training Game

Duration: 15 minutes

Intended for:

This competitive training game works well as an accompaniment to any training session or programme that requires participants to acquire a lot of knowledge. It is a good way of helping to ensure that key knowledge is remembered.

The free activity works particularly well for groups who like a competitive element in their training, so it can pay to offer a small prize to the winner.

Training course contents:

Instructions to help you run the training game are available from the download link at the bottom of this page and you must download this to get the following items.

  • A set of ABC cards to print – you will need to print one set for every participant.
  • A PowerPoint template for you to display your questions on screen.

Resources Needed – a set of ABC cards for each participant (available from link at bottom of this page), 10 multi-choice questions for your session subject, preferably in an on screen format. You can use the PowerPoint template downloaded with these notes at the bottom of this page if you find it helpful. You may also want to supply small prizes for the winner(s)


Print the ABC cards using thin card. Alternatively you can laminate them so that you can use them time and time again. You will need one set cards for each participant and one option is to simply photocopy them before your training session.

Explain to participants that you will be asking up to 10 multi choice questions and that each one will have three possible answers.

Tell participants that you will display a question with three possible answers on screen. The possible answers will be labelled A, B or C.

Once all participants have had a chance to read the question tell them you want them to select the correct answer by holding up the appropriate ABC card so that you can see it.

Next, tell participants the correct answer. Anyone who is showing you the wrong answer is eliminated from the remainder of the activity.

Now move to the next question and repeat the process with the people who have not been eliminated.

The winner is the last person left after everyone has been eliminated. 

Alternatively, all people who have survived to the end of round 10 without elimination will be declared winners. If you are offering a prize we recommend that you have a tie breaker question ready to handle this. The tie breaker should be on the basis that the winner is the first person to call out the correct answer and this particular question should not be multi choice.

We recommend that you use the first question as a dry run (Nobody eliminated at the first question). We also recommend starting with a simple question that everyone should be able answer and gradually build to more challenging questions. It is better if not too many people are eliminated too soon.

The PowerPoint document included with the download at the bottom of this page provides a template you can use for your questions. We have also included three sample questions of the type you might use during and induction to demonstrate how this might look.


This training game is useful to help consolidate knowledge acquired during a training session and/or to help the trainer gauge the knowledge level participants at the start of a training session.

Eliminate – Free Training Game


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