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find the perfect job

Find the Perfect Job – Videos and Workbook

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Duration: 2 Hours with workbook activities

Intended for:

These training packs come as videos and accompanying editable workbook that demonstrate key learning topics. The videos present a key part of the learning, with the workbook expanding on the information and providing further development. The workbook also includes activities to help embed the learning and together with the video will give learners a rounded understanding with prompts to apply what they have learned.

Our employability training videos and workbook are multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of useful ways.


  • Use the videos to support classroom training and emphasise key information – use the workbook as an option to embed the learning
  • Provide pre-course work, using the videos and workbook to engage learners and provoke discussion
  • Provide post-course work, using the videos and workbook to embed developmental information from classroom training
  • Introduce bitesize classroom learning – keeping training time to a minimum and getting across key points


  • A simple method of developing your team, with full supporting information and accompanying videos to help you
  • Add short learning sessions to team meetings using videos and workbooks for group development
  • Develop your own skills, using the videos and supporting workbooks to self-learn

Individual Users

  • Develop key skills, using the videos and workbooks to self-learn and set workplace actions

Training Video Content:

Set within our Employability Skills range, these videos and accompanying workbook focus on the topic of, ‘Find the Perfect Job’.

Focusing on getting new job or changing career path can often be a daunting task. This workbook and supporting videos will help the learner concentrate on their personal skills, knowledge and what they enjoy doing, which in turn will help them identify their ideal type of job role.

They are encouraged to review the different types of job available and that they find interesting. From this, they’ll find the tools and exercises needed to help them develop a plan and identify employment opportunities.

Finally, they explore all that they need to do to apply for a job, prepare for the interview and land that exciting new role.

Video Overview:

This training pack comes with three videos, which focus on ‘Getting to Know Yourself’, ‘Employment Action Plan’ and ‘Getting that Job’.

You can view all of these videos in full below…

Get to Know Yourself

Employment Action Plan

Getting That Job

Workbook Overview:

In this fully editable 32 page workbook, the learner will be provided with more information on the elements that will support them in getting a new job and be asked to complete certain activities that will ensure they thoroughly review their personal career requirements and carry out actions that will support their application, CV and preparation for the interview process. It provides all the tools and practice they need to succeed in their job search.

The images below show some sample pages of the workbook. Click on the images to make them full screen.

Workbook Overview:

Get to Know Yourself…

Understand your skills, knowledge and what you like to do – Explaining that what you enjoy and are good at is the best starting point when deciding what you want to do as a career. With an activity that allows you to explore ‘What are your favourite subjects?’

What are you motivators? – Understanding what drives you and your passionate about. With an activity that reviews 1 – 10 year goals and the milestones you need to meet to get there.

Identify your skills – Looking at the skills that you have and how they might be applied to different roles. With an activity that examines transferable skills from hobbies and interests to the workplace.

Personal Qualities – Knowing what your personality is and how it might suit certain job roles. With an activity that encourages personal discussion with friends or family about their perception of you.

Your Personal Situation – Establishing any personal circumstances that might mean that certain roles are out of bounds, with activity.


Employment Action Plan…

Finding a job that suits your skills – Aligning personal skills to specific job roles. With an activity that encourages review of jobs and why they may be suitable.

Setting goals – Knowing what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get you there, with activity.

Seek out advice – Finding out more information about what your chosen role involves. With an activity that encourages talking to others and researching information.

Research employers – Identifying specific employers in the industry of interest and researching information about them. With an activity that helps record this data.

Qualifications and experience – An exploration of any further development needed for job roles and what might need to be done to meet the job requirements.

Get Networking – Explaining how networking can assist the job search and the types of activities you can get involved in.

Building an online brand – Helping develop an approach to your job profile online and setting the right tone.

Getting the best out of LinkedIn – A full plan for implementing your LinkedIn profile and making yourself attractive to employers. Includes a full LinkedIn checklist.


Getting That Job – 8 Steps to Success…

Step 1: Research the company – Understanding the job you are applying for and aligning your skills to the requirements, with activity.

Step 2: Understand the Job Description – Knowing the skills and knowledge required for the role and knowing what to highlight to show your abilities, with activity.

Step 3: Use the right words – Ensuring you use similar language to the employer, so that the application or CV resonates with them, with activity.

Step 4: Tailor your CV – Specifically aligning your CV to each job role and providing clear evidence of your achievements, with activity.

Step 5: Be prepared – An explanation of what you should do to help you relax and prepare for a job interview.

Step 6: Dress the Part – Knowing what to wear and ensuring you are presentable.

Step 7: Get rehearsing – Practicing a response to the typical questions you might face, with activity.

Step 8 – Know yourself – Explaining the importance of preparation and review prior to an interview.

Use what you’ve learnt – An exercise that encourages the practical application of what has been learned throughout the workbook and video

What will I receive? 

  • A ‘white label’ version of the videos shown above, with no watermark
  • A 32 page workbook


These videos and accompanying training workbooks have been designed to be multi-purpose and can be used in a range of scenarios.

Find the Perfect Job – Videos and Workbook

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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