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executive presence

Executive Presence

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Executive Presence training course materials have been developed for everyone in your organisation who might be great at their jobs but are missing opportunities because they are not able to represent themselves effectively. They might be lacking in confidence and unable to assert themselves, or, they may be too forward and come across as aggressive without showing empathy to people within their teams or project groups.

This training course will help build your participants self-awareness and shine a spotlight on how they can develop an authentic personal brand which will help them succeed in the future.

Training course contents:

As we progress through our careers, how we portray ourselves becomes more and more critical to our success in business. We often think that executive presence is a magical quality, and that top leaders are born with it. This is not the case and it is a skill that can be developed, along with the confidence to show authenticity in our leadership style.

These training course materials have been designed to help your participants break down what exactly executive presence means to them and their personal image, whilst they hone their personal brand, gravitas and communication skills.

Why is running this executive presence course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Define the meaning of executive presence, and measure themselves against this
  • Think about and develop an effective personal brand
  • Build gravitas by working on their confidence & emotional intelligence
  • Understand different communication methods which will help deliver messages in the right way
  • Show assertiveness through a simple technique, and avoid passive or aggressive behaviour
  • Explore a vision which will engage their teams, allowing for success in the future​

The main content of the training course materials…

What do we mean by executive presence? – A chance to explore and define what we mean by executive presence

What’s in a brand? – An exploration at both businesses and celebrities and the opinions people hold about them. We look at why and how these brands happened

What does my brand say? – A personal brand is not something you are born with; a chance to define our own and make sure it says what we want it to say

Starting with me – my values – A look at what values we hold, and how it links in with having business integrity

Building confidence and emotional intelligence for gravitas – Utilising the state triangle, an experiential session looking at what builds our confidence and emotional intelligence

Credibility in communication – How we communicate is just as important as what we say. An exploration into the two main communication styles, and how we can leverage it to our advantage

How Assertive am I? – Being assertive is very different from being aggressive – a chance to practice and explore with real-life scenarios

Creating a vision – Having a vision is an integral part of leadership. We will create a vision and start to plan how to get there.​


At the end of this Executive Presence Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Breakdown the three main attributes of executive presence and what they actually mean
  • Define your own personal brand, and explore how this will enhance your executive presence
  • Explore your confidence and emotional intelligence by using different states to build your gravitas effectively
  • Demonstrate different communication styles, and find out what your default mode is (and why)
  • Understand how to assertively speak when a perceived negative message needs to be shared
  • Create a vision for your teams, understanding the importance and purpose of this

Executive Presence

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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