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Facilitation Skills Best Practice – 1 Hour

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Duration: 1 Hour

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Don’t have time to deliver a full days training or wider programme? These 1 Hour Training Bubbles have been developed for the busy trainer or line manager that wants to get a message across, but needs to reduce the impact to working operations.

Developed for use in meetings or as part of stand-alone training session. These short, succinct 1 Hour Training Bubbles enable you to deliver effective training sessions that get the key message across and retain participant involvement.

Although the design of these materials deviates slightly from our usual style, the content is presented in such a way that anyone can deliver the training sessions. The training materials are clear, precise and to the point. They also include a special handout for participants to take away key information.

As usual, they are presented in Word and PowerPoint format, so they can be fully altered and edited to suit your individual needs.

Training course contents:

Each pack contains: Session Notes, Handout and Slides.

All the training materials necessary to run your own, ‘Facilitation Skills Best Practice’ 1 hour training session:

Facilitation means making things happen, using a range of skills and methods to bring the best out in people as they work to achieve results or agreement in interactive events. This one hour facilitation skills best practice training session sets out to look at giving you the tools and techniques to help improve your Facilitation Skills.

The key aim of the Facilitation Skills Best Practice One Hour Session is  to enable participants to effectively facilitate training sessions, meetings and other interactive events.

The key content of this session covers:

1. Identify the various qualities of a good facilitator

  • Involving and encouraging contribution from team members

2. Understand various facilitation techniques to use within the workplace

  • The use of listening and questioning
  • Planning
  • Using small talk etc.

3. Identify the benefits that ground rules and agenda’s play in facilitation

  • Participants know what to expect
  • Team own the ground rules
  • Enable you to keep control and challenge


At this end of this 1 hour, ‘Facilitation Skills Best Practice’ training course your participants will be able to:

  • Explain what qualities a good facilitator requires
  • Explain how to make a training session/meeting more interesting
  • Identify the importance of ground rules and agenda’s

Facilitation Skills Best Practice – 1 Hour

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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