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Features and Benefits – Free Training Game

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Use this free training game as a method of ensuring that participants understand the value of product benefits when selling.

Training course contents:

A one page document that explains a simple training game for developing sales skills can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, yo ucan follow the instructions below.

Ask a member of the group to act as the customer and give a very brief outline of their requirements for a product they wish to purchase. e.g. “I have to buy a mobile phone for my wife. I would like something robust, portable and simple to use”.

The rest of the delegates then have to sell that item focusing on the customers needs.


The rules are – the first person gives a feature e.g. “this phone has a slim style design” and then passes it onto the next participant who has to provide a benefit “which means that, it will fit easily into your wife’s purse”.

It then gets passed to the third delegate who provides another feature, and the fourth then provides the corresponding benefit – matching the customer’s needs, and so on. You then swap and have a different customer and/or product.


This training game is useful to highlight the importance of features and benefits in a sales environment and provide an opportunity to practice each. The training game would suit a sales skills training course or perhaps even a customer care training course.

Features and Benefits – Free Training Game


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