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first class sales training game

First Class Sales – Free Training Game

Duration: 40 minutes

Intended for:

This free sales training game will help improve your participants ability to approach potential sales targets and meet new prospects. This training game also works well as a networking activity.

The game also works well as a reminder that we should always be ready to grasp an opportunity when it is presented.​

Training course contents:

A  set of instructions for the sales training game, ‘First Class Sales’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page. You can also see the full game below.


Explain to participants that they have been asked to travel on a work trip. When they reach the check-in desk, they are informed that their flight has been overbooked and their seat has been taken.

The flight representative asks, as there are no more seats in Economy, would they like to be upgraded to First Class?

As the participant boards the flight and turns left, rather than right, they notice a businessperson near their seat in first class who is reading a trade magazine relevant to the participant’s business.

The participant takes the seat and is just getting comfortable when the businessperson looks across and says, “So, what is it you do then?”

  1. Give the participants 20 minutes to craft their response to the businessperson.


  1. Once everyone has had some time to prepare their answer. Ask each in turn to present their thoughts to the other people in the group.


  1. After each participant takes a turn, review their responses and discuss how engaging the conversation would be and the chances of it reaching a goal of completing a sale.


  1. Take note of the key points raised throughout each review session and use them to provide a full review once everyone has had a chance to present. Link the learning points back to the main session.​


Use this sales training game to develop your participants ability to approach a new prospect and discuss the value of their product or service. The game helps participants understand how best to open discussions and sell the benefits of their offering.

First Class Sales – Free Training Game


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