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frantic flashcards energiser

Frantic Flashcards – Free Energiser

Duration: 10 minutes

Intended for:

This energiser will help test participants ability to retain the information provided during your training course. It will also improve their retention rates, by giving them a chance to review this information.

Training course contents:

A  set of instructions for the free energiser, ‘Frantic Flashcards’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page. You can also see the full energiser instructions below.​


Flipchart paper and pens.


Prior to running this energiser, prepare some flashcards that represent topics from the training course that you are going to deliver. These flashcards will each contain one fact from the course. There will also be a corresponding flashcard that is the ‘Title’ of this fact.

For example:

Topic Title = Politeness

Flashcard descriptor = The act of being courteous and showing good manners to others in the way you speak, act, or otherwise converse with someone.

  1. Place participants into two teams.
  1. Give each team a set of flashcards and topic title cards (these can be different for each team, or the same cards).
  1. Explain to the teams that they have five minutes (base this time on the number of cards the teams have) to pair the title cards to the description flashcards. The team that pairs the most in the time given wins.
  1. The ‘winning team’ is the one that pairs the most correct answers for the cards. If both get the correct answers, it is the team that finished first.

In Review

Ask the participants to write down any reminders this energiser has provided.


This free energiser help participants test their retention of the information provided during your training course and provides a prompt for information they may have missed.

Frantic Flashcards – Free Energiser


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