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Free E-Learning Game – Unconscious Bias Quiz

Duration: 10 minutes

Intended for:

This free e-learning game has been developed as a method of testing a learner’s knowledge on the topic of Unconscious Bias via a quiz format. This can be used as an assessment or as a fun way to introduce the topic to employees.

Training course contents:

You can either download this game and add it to your own LMS, Intranet, PC or other system using the download button at the bottom of this page, or you can launch the game from this website using the link below.

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This free e-learning quiz game has been devised to demonstrate an alternative method of testing a learner’s knowledge on any given topic. It’s simple to use, fun, interactive and engaging and will help ensure your learners want to complete the challenge. It can be adapted and applied to many scenarios.

Gamification of learning is not a new concept and it’s known that when learners feel motivated to complete an activity, they are more likely to learn from it. This game adds an element of competitiveness to completing the task and assists the learner in reviewing their current knowledge and skills on the topic through a quiz format. Add to this the dimension of having to compete against a character and the countdown clock and you have an immersive learning game.

The e-learning game has purposefully been designed with bright colours, interesting sounds, and a challenging competitor. This approach helps add a feeling of light-heartedness to a topic that could otherwise be concerned ‘dry’ and serious. The aim is to create a more interesting way to learn a serious topic.

Not all learning needs to be completely serious and it can be argued that learners learn more when they are having fun. This game demonstrates just one small method of adding game-based learning to a subject.

We hope you enjoy the e-learning game as much as we enjoyed making it. If you would like to apply it to your own business learning needs or would be interested in us developing a different game approach to learning for you, please get in touch.

Free E-Learning Game – Unconscious Bias Quiz



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