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Free Training Evaluation

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Anyone involved in training in any way will find use in this free training evaluation document.

Training course contents:

This is a 2 sheet document that explains the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation.

The free download at the bottom of this page contains a two sheet document which describes in basic detail the Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation. It explains the benefits of each level and their limitations. An example of the content is…

Level 1 Evaluation – Reaction
This level measures participants’ initial reactions to questions regarding their perceptions and satisfaction (often referred to as a ‘happy sheets’) – was their reaction favourable or not? Methodologies include programme evaluation sheets, interviews, questionnaires and participant comments throughout the programme. Learners might be asked to comment on whether they will use the new skills, if they plan to change their behaviour, if they expect improvements in results. This level does not measure what is learned, nor will it ensure quality results from learning.

Level 2 Evaluation – Learning
This level measures the extent participants’ learning and knowledge is aligned with the program objectives – what did the participants learn? Although measurement is more difficult at this level, pre-testing and post-testing can help evaluators determine the amount of learning acquired. Attempts should be made to answer the extent participants have advanced in skills and knowledge. Potential methodologies include pre-post testing, observations by tutors, managers and/or peers, team and self-assessment, interviews and surveys. This level provides a higher measure of training effectiveness but does not measure if participants liked the program, if they will behave differently or if expected results will be achieved.

Level 3 Evaluation – Behaviour
This level measures the extent to which a change in behaviour in the post-training environment has occurred as a result of the program, and provides measurement on achievement of performance objectives – did the participants’ learning affect their behaviour? Are the newly acquired skills being used in the everyday environment? Measurement is difficult and it is often impossible to predict when changes in behaviour occur. Therefore, when and how to evaluate are important decisions. Potential methodologies include pre-post testing, observations, focus groups, interviews, surveys of people who observe the performer, and questionnaires. This level does not determine if participants liked the training or if the new behaviour led to results, but it can determine the degree to which learning has been transferred to the post-training environment.

Level 4 Evaluation – Results
This level measures final results that have been achieved as a result of the learning acquired, the transfer or impact on business, and includes a final evaluation of the program objectives – did the participants’ behavioural changes affect the organisation? Although level 4 results are measured least often of the four, they assess the overall reason for a training programme. Potential indicators include increased productivity, citizen satisfaction, reduced costs, increased employee satisfaction and decreased turnover. Determining these outcomes is difficult, and they cannot always be causally linked to the training. This level does not determine if participants liked or understood the training, or if it affected their preferred behaviours. Positive evaluation results achieved in levels 1, 2, and 3, can however predict positive level 4 results (if the logic model is sound).


This training evaluation docment provides the user with an understanding of the importance of evaluating training and to ensure they have an easy process to follow when doing so.

Free Training Evaluation


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