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Anyone that is required to present or run training courses will benefit from using the tips in this presentation skills guide.

Training Course Contents:

A one page fact sheet providing guidance on the requirements of a good presentation can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Here’s a taster of these presentation skills tips…

1. Smile, greet candidates appropriately, introduce yourself, and welcome the audience.

2. State the aims and objectives of the programme and ensure the programme content covers all aims and objectives logically.

3. State session duration, training method, handouts to be used for note taking, and outline when questions can be asked.

4. Describe and issue appropriate evaluation for each programme

5. Act as a role model for business behaviours, values and policies, and address any unacceptable group behaviours e.g. equal opportunity issues

6. Involve each learner at least once by asking questions or providing group activity.

7. Ensure visual aids are legible, accurate, create interest and are appropriate to the content and objectives of the programme

8. Ensure questioning techniques are appropriate to the group to gain involvement and check their understanding

9. Offer the group opportunities to ask questions before summarising.

10. Remember that thorough preparation is the key to a good training session or presentation


To provide assistance to those preparing for a presentation or training session. This fact sheet on presenting would be a good additional document when using the Trainer Bubble training course materials for the following topics…

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