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Guess the Slogan – Free Training Game

Duration: As required

Intended for:

Use this free training game as a method of consolidating the learning from a session.

Training course contents:

A one page instruction sheet for a training game which tests participants knowledge on specific slogans related to the course content or as a fun activity can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the instructions below.

Arrange participants into two teams.

Ask each team to write down several advertising slogans.

When they have finished, the teams swap slogans and the other team must identify the company from the slogan provided.


Variations – there are many variations that you can use for this game. Here are some examples… 

Guess the product – teams have to list several benefits that a product offers and the other team must identify the product

Guess the job role – teams must list several accountabilities of a job role and the other team must identify the job

Guess the policy – teams must list several rules and the other team must identify the policy it relates to

Guess the company – teams list several key facts about a company and the other team have to guess the company it relates to


This training game is useful to consolidate key learning points from a training course.

Guess the Slogan – Free Training Game


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