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Have a Guess – Free Energiser

Duration: 10 Minutes (typically)

Intended for:

This simple but effective free training energiser works well to help consolidate the key learning points from a training programme or session. It also helps trainers to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Training course contents:

You can download the instructions to help you run the ‘Have a Guess’ training energiser from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Resources Needed
2 pieces of blank paper for each participant
A flip chart and marker pen

1. Give each participant 2 blank pieces of paper.

2. Tell participants that you want them to think of two things they will do differently as a result of attending the training session. Then ask them to write one of these points on each piece of paper.

3. Ask participants to fold their 2 pieces of paper and give them to you.

4. Ask each participant to guess how many other participants have written similar points to their own and make a note of their guess.

5. Now return 2 pieces of paper to each participant. Hopefully they will not get their own back but it does not matter if this happens.

6. Ask one participant to read out what is on one of the pieces of paper they now hold. Note this on a flip chart.

7. Go to the next participant and ask for the same. If this is a new point add it to the flip chart. If it is the same as the first one just add a tally mark next to it.

8. Continue doing this until all pieces of paper have been read out.

9. Check how close participants were with their guesses by. You may want to consider offering a small prize to anyone guessing correctly, but this is not absolutely necessary.

10. Ask participants whether they were surprised by the outcome of this.

Many people are surprised at the diversity of answers that can sometimes result from this exercise. It helps them to consider whether they are planning to use in the workplace everything that they should. It also helps the trainer to understand whether key messages are getting through as intended and whether any real change in workplace behaviour will result.


Use this energiser to help consolidate key learning points at the end of a training session or programme and use this energiser to help evaluate the effectiveness of a training session.

Have a Guess – Free Energiser


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