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Herzberg Motivation – Free Training Model

Duration: As required

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Use this Herzberg Motivation model document as a method of updating personal knowledge on this model or during Leadership training.

Training course contents:

A PowerPoint document, which shows an example of the Herzberg Motivation model with advice on the method of use.

The ‘two-factor’ theory (more commonly known as the ‘motivation-hygiene’ theory) was proposed by Frederick Herzberg in 1959. The research of Herzberg looked at content theory which explains the factors of an individual’s motivation by identifying their needs and desires, what satisfies these needs and desires and by establishing the aims that they pursue to satisfy these desires.

Herzberg found that; hygiene factors can de-motivate or cause dissatisfaction if they are not present, but do not very often create satisfaction when they are present; however, Motivation factors do motivate or create satisfaction and are rarely the cause of dissatisfaction.

Herzberg also developed the concept that there are two distinct human needs:

1) Physiological needs: avoiding unpleasantness or discomfort and may be fulfilled via money to buy food and shelter etc.

2) Psychological needs: the need for personal development fulfilled by activities which cause one to grow.


A developmental tool useful for training courses and meetings.

Herzberg Motivation – Free Training Model


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