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Induction Training Design

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Induction Training Design Training Course Materials are intended for anyone involved in any aspect of the induction of new people into the workplace. This could be; Trainers, HR, Managers, Leaders, Senior team members or any other member of staff.

Training course contents:

The benefits of welcoming new starters to an organisation with a carefully planned induction programme is recognised across all industries and businesses.

Induction is acknowledged as a foundation stone to smooth integration, early productivity and overall staff retention.

But just what should a good induction programme consist of? Who should design and deliver it? And how should outcomes and results be measured?

This Induction Training Design course will provide learners with everything they need to know to design an effective induction programme – whatever the requirements of their employer and whatever their role in the induction process. It makes extensive use of exercises, activities, discussion and sample documents to enable participants to practice in a safe environment and get feedback from their fellow participants and the trainer.

As well as the usual contents of Trainer Bubble Training Packs, you will also receive 10 activities and 5 course relevant handouts.

This is a challenging and rewarding course offering learners access to a mine of useful information, tips and ideas and providing the opportunity to get involved with some preliminary design work for instant peer feedback.

What is Induction? – Here we set the scene by showing how induction can mean different things to different people. We provide an industry benchmark for delegates to consider.

Why Bother with Induction? – This section examines the benefits of induction and shows why some organisations have an absolute obligation to complete the process.

Disadvantages of Induction – of course there are some and it’s important to understand them in order to avoid the pitfalls.

Key Principles of Induction – no induction programme should be designed without them! We share the golden rules that underpin induction so that participants can build these into their own programmes, or review their own practice.

Inductees – just who might these people be and what are their different backgrounds and induction requirements?

Induction to Suit – here we explore how induction can be tailored to suit the type of organisation you work in.

Who’s Involved? – We consider all the possible participants in an induction programme and identify whose who.

Induction Policy – participants have the opportunity to review a sample induction policy and where appropriate, critique their own company’s document.

Induction Programme Objectives – using a SMART approach, this session shows the delegates how they can design their own induction objectives against a tried and tested model.

Induction Programme Must Haves and No-No’s – we examine the essential elements and the things to avoid when designing an induction programme.

Induction Programme Components – we consider what it is that comprises a good induction programme, including Workshop Activities, and learners are given the chance to roll their sleeves up and do some design work of their own.

Trainer Organisation – we reveal the key aspects of self-organisation, including the preparation of a Trainer’s Session Plan.

The Induction Plan, Checklist and Pack – this session examines and discusses the key induction documentation, providing some samples for consideration and discussion.

Evaluation of Induction and Induction Records – here we show the importance of record keeping and evaluation and consider what elements of induction need to be evaluated and how this might done, in order for businesses to keep an eye on outcomes.

Beyond Induction – finally, we look at what happens after new starters come to the end of their induction programme.


At this end of this Induction Training Design training course your participants will:

  • Know what induction is
  • Be able to explain the reasons for having an induction programme in their organisation
  • Recognise the factors that make induction suitable for an organisation
  • Be able to design an induction programme that incorporates:
    – an appropriate selection of components and activities
    – the key principles and minimum criteria of induction
    – an induction plan and checklist

Induction Training Design

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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