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infection control in healthcare e-learning

Infection Control in Healthcare – E-Learning

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Duration: 55 minutes. Including interactions and videos

Intended for:

This Infection Control in Healthcare e-learning course is aimed at anyone that works in a care role. It provides advice and information on what the different types of infection are and how professionals can help stop them spreading. The content will help learners appreciate the different infections that are prevalent and the actions that can be taken to improve general controls.

The e-learning is very flexible and can be added to an organisation’s intranet or learning management system, ready to be used by their employees. The benefits are huge, and you only ever pay once for the package making it extremely cost-effective.

We can also provide this e-learning course on a subscription model, whereby the course is hosted by us, and you pay only per user. Please take a look at the payment options at the bottom of this page.

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Training course contents:

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What’s the course about?

Infection Control in Healthcare

Implement actions to stop the spread of infections

It’s important that healthcare workers understand their responsibilities regarding the removal of exposures to infection. They should also have appropriate cleaning processes in place, while knowing how to deal with spills when they occur.

This e-learning course covers the why infection control is important, the common infections that need to be managed and the standard precautions that should be taken. As well as the practical aspect of infection control, there is also a focus on the policies, procedures, systems, and laws that care professionals must be aware of.

Who is it for?

The e-learning course is useful for anyone that works in a healthcare setting. This means that the audience may include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Care workers
  • Porters
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionists
  • Health & Safety Executives
  • Health & Safety Managers
What does the course look like?

It’s an online e-learning course you can add to your own LMS, intranet or internet site.

  • Containing five interactive modules
  • Blending text, graphics, quizzes, interactions, downloads and videos
  • Regular on-going testing as you progress
  • A full final assessment with CPD certification​

To put it simply, infection control in healthcare is extremely important, and healthcare professionals need to be constantly made aware of their responsibilities. With this e-learning course:

  • Understand what infection control means and why it is so important
  • Understand the common infections found in the healthcare environment
  • Establish standard precautions and how to follow them
  • Review the importance of decontamination and maintain a clean environment
  • Implement a risk assessment for infection control
  • Identify elements important to a healthcare infection policy
  • Understand the regulations that apply to healthcare infection control
Module 1 - Introduction to infection control
  • Establish why infection control is important
  • Identify what causes infections
  • List the four main types of infection
  • Explore how pathogens can spread
  • Describe how pathogens can enter the body​
Module 2 - Common infections in a healthcare environment
  • Understand what a healthcare associated infection is
  • Describe how infections can be spread directly and indirectly
  • Explain how microorganisms which are already present can become pathogens
  • Review examples of common healthcare associated infections
Module 3 - The general principles of infection control
  • Establish what the ‘standard precautions’ are and why they are important
  • Identify examples of best practice and standard precautions with respect to:
    • hand hygiene
    • personal protective equipment
    • handling sharps
    • disposing of waste
    • dealing with spillages
    • cleaning and decontaminating equipment
    • maintaining a clean environment
    • handling accidental exposure to blood and body fluids.​
Module 4 - Risk assessments
  • Explore why risk assessments are important
  • List who should be considered why carrying out a risk assessment
  • Describe common situations which present a potential risk
  • Review the steps in a typical risk assessment.​
Module 5 - Infection control policies and legislation
  • Examine the purpose of workplace healthcare policies
  • Identify some of the regulations related to healthcare.
Module 6 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​
Why buy this e-learning pack?
  • Practical courses – This course is designed to help your learners in the real business world, giving them practical skills that they can quickly and easily implement in the workplace.
  • Interactive and engaging – Learning doesn’t have to be boring. This multi-media course is designed to keep your participants engaged throughout.
  • Step-by-step learning – This course is broken down into easy to manage bite-size chunks. From start to finish we take your learners on an enjoyable learning journey.
  • Fully accredited – The CPD Verification Service accredit all our courses, so you can be sure our training materials are of the highest standard.​​​​​​
Technical details & LMS integration

To ensure maximum compatibility with the widest range of LMS’s, all our e-learning courses are SCORM conformant. By default, we provide courses in SCORM 1.2 format, but the following formats are also available on request: SCORM 2004, AICC and xAPI (formerly Tin Can). Please just purchase the course from this page as usual and then contact us to request this.

In simple terms, this means that our e-learning will work on any standard website or system.

E-Learning Alterations

Our e-learning products are always sold ‘white-label’ with no Trainer Bubble logos or references to our company.

We also understand that you may like to make alterations to the content. Whether it’s minor edits, larger alterations, adding of logos, or swapping images to better reflect your corporate identity – we can provide this change for a small fee, which is usually between £300 – £600.

If you would like to make the changes yourself, the source files can also be purchased. Please contact us for further details.

Please note: If there are future legal changes within this course, these can be altered by our team, free of charge.​

Purchase options

payment options

A. Standard (SCORM 1.2)

Simply purchase the e-learning course and add it to your own Learning Management System. You pay once and can use forever.

While our courses are provided in SCORM 1.2 format, the following formats are also available on request: SCORM 2004, AICC and xAPI (formerly Tin Can). Please just purchase the course from this page as usual and then contact us to request this.

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B. Standard with LMS (Learning Management System)

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C. Subscription

Fewer than 150 users and only one course required? It may pay to use our subscription model. You only pay for the users you have.

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D. Resellers

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Infection Control in Healthcare – E-Learning

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.


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