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Information Security Suite – E-Learning

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Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes. Including interactions and videos.

E-Learning Course Content:

This Information Security Suite e-learning course is a collection of seven different modules aimed at employees using IT equipment who need to understand the importance of information security.

The e-learning is provided on a subscription basis, whether hosted on your own Learning Management System, or using our, feature-rich, easy-to-use learning platform.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the e-learning course:

Our employees have commented on how helpful they have found the Information Security Suite e-learning course both outside of work and in, where it helps with protecting the business, especially with regards to password security, phishing and social media.

Honor Lewis - Head of Learning and Development, Fosroc
What’s the course about?

Information Security Suite

Employees can be the biggest information security weakness to an organisation. It’s critical that employees are educated in the risks that cyber security threats pose to them and their business and that they know how to safely use the tools and information that is available to them.

This Information Security Suite is a collection of e-learning modules aimed at the most important elements of a safe approach to cyber security. The modules cover…

  1. Protection from Malware
  2. Passwords
  3. Social Engineering
  4. Surfing the Web
  5. Phishing Emails
  6. Social Networking
  7. Mobile Devices

Each learning module covers the topic in full and provides an individual assessment, so you can gather ‘sign-off’ for your learner’s completion of every topic.

This e-learning aims to raise awareness of information security, providing guidance and information that will help ensure your organisation and its employees avoid the potential pitfalls of poor cyber security practices.

This e-learning would be a great addition to Induction processes and where you need to provide policy understanding and sign-off throughout the business.

Who is it for?

This e-learning course is aimed at all employees and gives a general overview of the key requirements of information security. Therefore, it is excellent training for:

  • All employees
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Consultants
What does the course look like?
  • It’s an online e-learning course
  • Includes seven learning modules
  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Blending video, text, graphics and images
  • Regular on-going testing as you progress
  • A full final assessment with CPD certification


This e-learning course will help your learners appreciate the importance of information security and the protection of data and learn the principles of being careful with not only their own information, but that of others. With this course:

  • Know how to protect yourself and your devices from malware and viruses
  • Appreciate the importance of secure passwords and how to create them
  • Understand what social engineering is and the technical and human techniques used
  • Using the internet safely and knowing how to avoid cyber attacks
  • Knowing how to identify phishing emails and what to do when you get one
  • Using social media sites safely and in a way that ensures both your data and that of your organisation is protected
  • Knowing how to use mobile devices safely and the importance of being especially careful with them
Module 1 Protection from malware
  • Understand what malware is
  • Establish how hackers spread malware
  • Explore why low level hacks are becoming more frequent
  • Review what they should do if they have been a victim of a cyber-attack.
Module 2 Passwords 
  • Review things people do which make their passwords less secure
  • Establish one method for creating a strong memorable password
  • Identify why a strong password uses different character sets
  • Understand how a brute force attack works
  • Review what multifactor authentication is and why they should use it.
Module 3 Social engineering
  • Review the difference between a technical line of defence and human one
  • Understand what social engineering is
  • Identify a number of techniques used in social engineering
  • Explore what they should do if they think they’ve been a victim of fraud of cyberattack which has used social engineering.
Module 4 Surfing the web
  • Understand how businesses can be attacked through the internet
  • Research what cookies do
  • Review the role of browser plugins and extensions and how they can be used safely
  • Understand the importance of instinct in avoiding cyber attacks. 
Module 5 Phishing emails
  • Identify what phishing attacks are designed to do
  • Review the ways that phishing messages can be sent
  • Define a number of signs that would make a message suspicious
  • Spot obvious signs that a message isn’t authentic
  • Review how a spear phishing message differs from a normal phishing message. 
Module 6 Social networking
  • Name common social networking sites
  • Explore ways that cybercriminals use social network sites to gain information and spread malware
  • Review steps that can be taken to use social media safely
  • Understand why a social media policy is important. 
Module 7 Information security and mobile devices
  • Identify why mobile devices can be more attractive than static ones for cyber criminals
  • Review how attitudes may vary with respect to security between static and mobile devices
  • Explore some of the dangers of using public Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies
  • Establish steps that can be taken to use mobile devices more safely
  • Identify why it’s particularly important to backup data on a mobile device.​
Module 8 Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​
Why subscribe to this e-learning course?
  • Practical courses – This course is designed to help your learners in the real business world, giving them practical skills that they can quickly and easily implement in the workplace.
  • Interactive and engaging – Learning doesn’t have to be boring. This multi-media course is designed to keep your participants engaged throughout.
  • Step-by-step learning – This course is broken down into easy to manage bite-size chunks. From start to finish we take your learners on an enjoyable learning journey.
  • Fully accredited – The CPD Verification Service accredit all our courses, so you can be sure our training materials are of the highest standard.​
LMS integration

Where clients are not using our LMS and wish to host it on their own LMS instead, we provide SCORM files that they can simply install directly. Although these files are added to the clients LMS as usual and the user will access and view the course exactly as they would if it was built on the clients system, we are still able to track user numbers our side and also provide regular updates to the content.​

E-Learning Alterations

Our e-learning products are always provided ‘white-label’ with no Trainer Bubble logos or references to our company.

We also understand that you may like to make alterations to the content. Whether it’s minor edits, larger alterations, adding of logos, or swapping images to better reflect your corporate identity – we can provide this change for a small fee.

Please note: We regularly update our courses to reflect legal changes or just general improvements to content. All this happens without you having to lift a finger whether the course is on your LMS or ours.

Pricing examples

​We’ve created the table below to provide some examples of typical prices you can expect to pay. Please click on the Get a Quote button below, so that we can create a personal quote that suits your specific requirements. Please visit our sister website to find out more about our online learning services – Learner Bubble.​

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Information Security Suite – E-Learning


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