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Laughatory – Free Energiser

Duration: This free energiser typically lasts around 40 - 60 minutes

Intended for:

This energiser is really just for fun, but the results can really raise the spirits of those involved. It is best used where you have a training ‘event’ with a very big group and a willing audience. This works especially well at the end of the first day of an event when you want everyone to leave on a high, or on the last day for the same reason.

Beware! The energiser can be considered quite mean to the volunteers and you have to be really confident of your audience to get positive results from the energiser. However, when done well, this energiser can be absolutely hilarious for all involved.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the energiser, ‘Laughatory’ can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page, or yo ucan follow the notes below.


Prior to starting this team building game, the trainer should ask for 3 – 5 volunteers (try to pick people who are good sports and are likely to have a good sense of humour).

1. Take the volunteers outside the room to explain their task to them. Ask the remaining people to wait in the room as they will be the ‘audience’ for the following task.

2. Explain to the volunteers that they will each take it in turns to act out a scene that you provide them, but the two rules are that the scene must be performed whilst sitting in a chair and they cannot talk throughout.

3. Allocate some pre-defined ‘scenes’ to each of the volunteers.

Examples are: A roller coaster ride, in an earthquake, reading a book on a bumpy train, riding a horse through the wild west chased by Indians, sitting in a shopping trolley that has lost control down a bumpy hill, riding on a sledge down a wintry hill, in a car chase etc.

4. Ask the participants to wait outside while you inform the audience what they will be doing and then invite them in one by one

5. Speak to the audience and tell them that each of the volunteers will be coming in to act out a scene that they must guess. However, during the performance, they should imagine that the person is sat on the toilet.

6. Invite the volunteers in one by one to ‘perform’. Watch the laughter begin!

7. Once all of the volunteers have performed, fill them in on the joke and give them a prize for being good sports. As mentioned, you have to be really careful who you use this activity with and in what circumstances, but the outcome can be amazing.

Trainer Bubble note – As you can imagine, this energiser is great to video and we would love if you could send in your video examples of your own events where this has worked and we will add it to our You Tube channel. Please send either the mp3, mp4 video itself or a link to it to our customer care team.


This energiser acts as a creative exercise as well as being a good comedic link for a large audience. As mentioned, you have to be really careful who you use this activity with and in what circumstances, but the outcome can be amazing.

Please note: Trainer Bubble is interested to hear from anyone who videos this energiser and would like to include the results on our Trainer Bubble YouTube Channel.

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Laughatory – Free Energiser


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