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being a leader - video workbook

Being a Leader – Video & Workbook

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Duration: 2 Hours.

Intended for:

These training packs come as videos and accompanying editable workbook that demonstrate key learning topics. The video demonstrates a key part of the learning, with the workbook expanding on the information and providing further development. The workbook also includes activities to help embed the learning and together with the video will give learners a rounded understanding with prompts to apply what they have learned.

Our training videos and workbooks are multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of useful ways.


  • Use the video to support classroom training and emphasise key information – use the workbook as an option to embed the learning
  • Provide pre-course work, using the video and workbook to engage learners and provoke discussion
  • Provide post-course work, using the video and workbook to embed developmental information from classroom training
  • Introduce bitesize classroom learning – keeping training time to a minimum and getting across key points


  • A simple method of developing your team, with full supporting information and accompanying video to help you
  • Add short learning sessions to team meetings using videos and workbooks for group development
  • Develop your own skills, using the videos and supporting workbooks to self-learn

Individual Users

  • Develop key skills, using the videos and workbooks to self-learn and set workplace actions

Video and Workbook Content:

Set within our Leadership and Management range, this video and accompanying workbook focus on the topic of Being a Leader.

Once in a leadership role, learners will have experienced some of the challenges that they face. In this topic, learners will be guided through the personal development required to become successful and ultimately progress.

Video Overview:

The video covers the Seven Transformations of Leadership in full and explains how it can be used to become a more effective leader. Watch the complete video below…

Workbook Overview: 

The 21 page fully editable workbook takes a look at how some people fall into a leadership role and aren’t able to progress. Learners will be asked to think about their leadership style and what they can do, as part of an ongoing process, that will help them develop both personally and professionally.

They’ll also look at different types of power and how these are used by leaders. In the last section, they’ll start thinking about how they can maintain success as a leader and what strategies they can engage to make sure they keep strong and resilient.

Workbook contents:

Leading as ongoing development – Establishing the need to develop and grow as a leader

Seven transformations of leadership – Showing how managers and leaders can work through these stages to become more effective. Uses research from Rooke and Torbert

Using action logics – A task that helps the learner identify actions they can take to develop along the seven transformations

Moving along the action logics – A set plan with key deliverables to aid an embed actions

Understanding power – Identifying different power bases, what they mean and how they influence work

Talk like a leader – Understanding individual personal improvements that can be made to project the right image and develop a personal brand

Maintaining success – Knowing how mistakes can be made in leadership and what to avoid to ensure success is continued

What makes you more  resilient? – Establishing the key ‘resilience factors’ that will help overcome hurdles and setbacks in leadership

Use what you’ve learnt – An exercise that encourages the practical application of what has been learned throughout the workbook and video

Takeaways – Key data from the learning in one simple page

Further reading – A list of alternative sources of information that build on the learning

What will I receive? 

  • A ‘white label’ version of the video shown above, with no watermark
  • A 21 page workbook


These videos and accompanying training workbooks have been designed to be multi-purpose and can be used in a range of scenarios.

Being a Leader – Video & Workbook

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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