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Let’s Break Up – Free Energiser

Duration: As required

Intended for:

This free energiser is a useful method of ensuring you are keeping your training on track and that you are holding everyone’s attention throughout. It can be taken advantage of though, so make sure you have confidence in the group you use it with.

Training course contents:

At the start of your training course, identify several individuals who will act as your ‘boredom thermometers’. Explain that it is their responsibility to identify when they feel that a break is required. They should alert you to this fact by standing up when they feel that a break is needed or if you have gone off-track and everyone needs to refocus.

Of course, when these participants stand up, you should introduce a break and when people return you can expect them to be re-invigorated and ready to learn.


This energiser is a good method of ensuring you remain on track and participants are kept engaged.

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Let’s Break Up – Free Energiser


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