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Let’s Play Poker! – Free Energiser

Duration: This free energiser should be embedded into a training course as required and can vary in time.

Intended for:

Any training course or workshop would benefit from this training energiser.

Training course contents:

This energiser can be downloaded in Word format from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Sometimes getting people to answer questions and get involved during training can be difficult. This energiser is perfect for overcoming this issue.


A pack of playing cards


At the start of the training course, advise the participants that you are going to hand out a playing card each time you get a correct answer to one of the questions you pose throughout the session. This card then becomes part of their ‘hand’ and at the end of the session you will all play a game of poker.

The person with the best hand wins a prize.

The participants soon realise that to get the best hand and stand a chance of winning a prize they will have to answer some questions! You’ll never have a quiet group again!


This energiser adds a reason to get involved in a training course.

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Let’s Play Poker! – Free Energiser


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