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managing generations

Managing Generations

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Managing Generations training course materials have been developed for both new and experienced managers who are leading a cross generational team. They might be considering the best ways to manage Millennials and Digital Natives to keep them engaged within their roles. Alternatively, they might be managing people who have more experience within their role and need to build both confidence and credibility to get the best out of them day to day.

The training course materials will build self-awareness and myth busts stereotypes that we hold about different generations, whilst still ensuring we have a motivated and highly productive cross-generational workforce.

Training course contents:

We are entering a new age of work – never before have we had such a cross generational workforce. This is due to many things such as retirement ages being pushed back because we are living longer. There’s also better access to education, which means we have more school leavers and graduates entering organisations and wanting to climb the career ladder as quickly as they possibly can.

Because of these factors, the chances are you are managing a wide range of ages and experiences which need different leadership styles.

These interactive and engaging training course materials have been designed to help your leaders manage a cross generational team with confidence and ease. They review the myths and facts for each generation (and what that means for managers) as well as exploring how the learners can make sure they get the very best out of cross generational teams.

Why is running this managing generations course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Tell the difference between fact and fiction when dealing with different generations
  • Understand what creates generational tensions and conflicts, and work to avoid it
  • Adapt their leadership style to their employee’s different life milestones and priorities
  • Close the generational gap by really knowing their people and collaborating effectively
  • Show confidence and gain respect from team members who may have more technical knowledge or organisational experience
  • Understand simple ways to build both trust and motivation within their team​

The main content of the training course materials…

Generations – an overview – A chance to break down the different generations that are in the workforce today and understand facts and myths which are attributed to each generation.

Generational Tension and Cognitive Biases – An exploration of what makes up generational tension, and how a number of different biases will come into play.

So, what is the truth? – Having explored the biases that often come into play, we will look at how different life milestones will impact ways of working.

Closing the Generational Gap – This session focuses on a number of different ways to work with different generations and get the best out of our people.

Respect (from) Your Elders – More and more, managers are leading people with years of experience, which can lead to both conflict and a breaking of confidence for the manager. This session will give the participants a chance to explore this in greater detail and knock down any blockers they may have.

Building Credibility, Motivation and Trust – A review of what motivates a team, as well as breaking down what trust means, which will help build credibility.

As with all Trainer Bubble training course materials, this session is interactive and engaging with plenty of activities and exercises throughout.


At the end of this Introduction to Managing Generations Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the different generations in the workplace, and differentiate what is a myth about that generation, and what is a fact
  • Explore generational tension, and how different cognitive biases come into play
  • Understand how life stages may impact different generations, in particular around priorities for different age groups as well as technological advances
  • Demonstrate ways of working cross-generationally to get the best out of people
  • Identify the skills and tactics for managing team members that might have more experience than them

Managing Generations

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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