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Millionaire! – Free Training Game

Duration: One hour

Intended for:

This is a great training game to use for small to medium size groups. It is an excellent tool for encouraging communication and can raise some very interesting debates. Great for examining communication styles!

This free training game can be used as part of a training event, during meetings or as an exercise in assessment/development centres.

Training course contents:

You wll need to download the full pack of training game instructions from the download button at the bottom of this page to run this training game.

In this training game there is a million pounds up for grabs, but only one of you can have it. If nobody has ‘won’ after 1 hour, nobody will get the money.

Let the debate begin…


In the review of this training game you will discuss why the decisions were made. What influenced the decisions? How did you feel? Did anyone emerge as a leader? How did this influence the choices? How do people feel about the winner? How does the winner feel?

Excellent discussion starter!

Millionaire! – Free Training Game


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