Mind Reader II – Free Training Game

Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

Intended for:

This fun variation of our free mind reader training game is useful to help regain the attention of participants after they return from a break.

Training course contents:

The download link at the bottom of this page contains the instructions you will need to run a simple, short but fun training game. Alternatively, you can follow the notes below.

If you are running an event with another trainer explain that your fellow trainer has the ability to read minds. Alternatively, you could nominate one of the participants as a mind reader. 

Explain that you will be asking the ‘mind reader to leave the room and that the group will then choose any object in the room. The mind reader will correctly state which object the group selected.

Now ask the mind reader to leave the room and make sure that he/she cannot hear or see what is taking place.

While the mind reader is out of the room ask the rest of the participants to agree to select one object. Ask the mind reader to return to the room.

Point out a few objects in the room and ask whether this was the one chosen by the group.

For example:

  • Is it that chair over there?
  • Is it this flip chart?
  • Is it the door?
  • Is it this table?

The mind reader will correctly choose the item selected by the participants.

Allow participants to speculate on how this works but decline to explain it.


How it works – prior to the session you will need to brief the mind reader. Agree one item in the room as an anchor item. For example, you might choose a flip chart as the anchor. Agree that the third item you call out after the flip chart will be the one the group selected.

So let’s say that the participants chose a chair. Your exchange with the mind reader might go something like this:

Q: Is it that window?
A: No

Q: Is it this stapler?
A: No

Q: Is it this flip chart?
A: No (agreed anchor item)

Q: Is it this door?
A: No

Q: Is it this computer?
A: No

Q: Is it this chair?
A: Yes (3rd item after the anchor)


Use this training game to help re-focus the attention of participants after a break.

Mind Reader II – Free Training Game


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