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Mindful Leadership

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Mindful Leadership training course materials are aimed at providing participants with the tools and mindset necessary to cultivate mindful leadership in their professional roles. Helping them to contribute to creating positive work environments, fostering meaningful connections, and making informed decisions.

Training course contents:

In a world characterised by constant change, complexity, and rapid advancements, the demand for effective and compassionate leadership has never been greater. Mindful leadership is a transformative approach that equips individuals with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the challenges of modern leadership with grace and purpose.

This comprehensive course is designed to empower you as a leader by integrating the principles of mindfulness into your leadership style. Mindful leadership is not just a management technique; it’s a philosophy that enables you to become a more self-aware, empathetic, and resilient leader. By combining the wisdom of ancient mindfulness practices with contemporary leadership principles, you’ll gain the tools to enhance your personal well-being while also guiding your team and organisation toward success.

Why is running this Mindful Leadership course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Apply the concept of mindful leadership to their everyday working practices
  • Enhance their leadership effectiveness and resolve day-to-day issues with empathy and compassion
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills
  • Communicate effectively to get results
  • Make decisions from a mindful perspective

The main content of the training course material…

Intro & Session Objectives – Setting the scene and establishing the contents of the training session

Opening Energiser (optional) – Mindfulness breathing exercises are a great way to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This energiser provides a simple mindfulness breathing exercise that relaxes participants into the session (optional choice for trainer).

What is Mindfulness? – Before participants can consider what mindfulness means in a leadership role, they must first understand what is meant by mindfulness in general. This session provides this guidance.

What is Mindful Leadership? – An exploration of the skills that a mindul leader demonstrates and an activity that embeds this thinking by encouraging participants to think about the benefits of these skills.

Mindful Vs Conventional Leadership – A comparison of the differences with an exercise of self-reflection on the participants own approach to leadership

The Importance of Mindfulness in Leadership – A review of some data and supporting studies into the benefits of mindfulness and mindful leadership

Practical Application of Mindfulness in Leadership – Looking at some of the ways mindful leadership can be applied at work and the actions they can personally take to improve their leadership approach

Self-awareness and Mindfulness – Examining the important role that self-awareness plays in being effective as a mindful leader. Identifying ways that participants can improve their self-awareness, followed by an exercise that gives them a chance to practice one of the techniques

Mindful Emotional Intelligence in Leadership – Describing the concept of emotional intelligence and how it applies to being a mindful leader. Exploring some of the guiding principles and carrying out an activity that gives participants a chance to practice their skills through a scenario case study

Mindful Practices for Emotional Intelligence – Reviewing a list of mindful practices that contribute to the development of emotional intelligence. Then, highlighting the connection between these practices and the cultivation of empathy, self-regulation, and other components of emotional intelligence

Mindful Communication – Considering the three main components and discussing what each of the communication components means, and how they can be achieved in the context of mindful leadership

Mindful Listening and Feedback – Using several techniques to improve mindful listening skills and communicate more effectively. Includes a practical activity to hone and perfect these skills

Mindful Decision-Making and Problem-Solving – A case study activity that helps participants apply mindful solutions to a decision-making and problem-solving scenario, using all the knowledge they have collected so far

Balancing Intuitive and Analytical Decision-Making – Reviewing a comparison between these two types of decision-making approaches and establishing that integration of analytical and intuitive thinking is essential for mindful leaders

Mindful Leadership Scenarios – A chance to bring all of their learning together for a final activity that includes several case studies, where they must suggest the best options for making rational, mindful leadership decisions

As with all Trainer Bubble training products, this training course is interactive and engaging and filled with activities and exercises that will encourage participation throughout.


At the end of this Mindful Leadership training course, your participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of mindful leadership
  • Develop mindfulness skills to enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Improve communication and decision-making within a leadership role
  • Foster a mindful organisational culture

Mindful Leadership

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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