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Mnemonics – Free Energiser

Duration: 30 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser provides participants with an opportunity to review their learning, thoughts and/or feelings on a given topic in a fast paced, quick thinking way.

Training course contents:

You can download a set of instructions for the training energiser, ‘Mnemonics’ from the link at the bottom of this page, or follow the notes below.

Instructions – participants are placed into groups. Each group must take several of the key learning points from the training session (this could be a list of products, key learning, or main points).

Their task is to create a mnemonic to help others remember the learning point. The trick to this energiser is that participants are encouraged to embed the learning point through their attempts to help others.

Once the groups have developed the mnemonic, bring them back together as one large group and review their answers.

What is a mnemonic? If the participants do not know what a mnemonic is, then the following explanation should help…

Mnemonic is a very general word. It is defined simply as some device which aids the memorisation of something. The word comes from the Greek mnemonikós, which refers to the mind. These devices come in a variety of forms. One common sort is rhyme.

The following reminds people of the number of days in each month of the year:

Thirty days hath September, 

April, June, and November; 

All the rest have thirty-one 

Excepting February alone: 

Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine, 

Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.

Many mnemonics also take the form of acronyms. To recall the spelling of the word mnemonic, say, you could memorise the following phrase:

Monkey Nut Eating Means Old Nutshells ICarpet.

Typical uses – this energiser is useful at the end of a training session where you want to embed the key learning points. It might also be used after lunch to help recall the mornings activities.


This energiser helps participants recall information by creating a mthod of recalling information!

Mnemonics – Free Energiser


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