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My Point of View – Free Energiser

Duration: 15 - 30 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser is essentially a brainstorming exercise that allows participants to consider a topic from an alternative point of view, which allows them to consider things from an alternative perspective and perhaps spot things they otherwise might not have.

Training course contents:

A full set of instructions for the energiser, ‘My Point of View’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Resources Needed: Flipchart and pens.

Prior to running the energiser, consider several roles that participants can take on in order to see things from an alternative viewpoint. Examples are:

  • The Boss
  • Biggest Competitor
  • Biggest Customer
  • New Customer
  • Potential New Competitor
  • Old Employee
  • New Employee

When you are ready to run the energiser, explain to the participants that although brainstorming can be really useful, often we can be restricted by our own thoughts and feelings on a topic, which can mean that we do not encourage the most creative and exciting ideas. This energiser is designed to help overcome this issue.

Ask each participant (or group of participants) to take on a role as identified above. Once they have done this, they should brainstorm the topic whilst in this role.

You may decide that it is useful to rotate people or groups through each role and provide a flipchart sheet for each role that they can add their ideas to.

Review the energiser by discussing the outputs, but also reviewing how the alteration of their role helped develop alternative ideas.


This energiser is useful for helping participants develop creative thinking and for improving their ability to focus on a problem from a different viewpoint.

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My Point of View – Free Energiser


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