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news to me energiser

News to Me – Free Energiser

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser has been designed to help your participants expand their knowledge on a topic while looking at it from a positive position.

Training course contents:

A  set of instructions for the free energiser, ‘News to Me’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page. You can also see the full energiser instructions below.​


Flipchart paper and pens.


  1. Consider a suitable subject for the session, or a point that you want to focus on within the training course.
  1. Make up a positive news headline for the subject that the participants can comfortably create some content for and write their own positive story. Examples could be; “XYZ Call Centre wins award for best customer Service” or “Local team wins sales award”.
  1. Ask participants to write your headline on the top of their flipchart paper.
  1. Explain that you will give them 10 minutes to create a story about the organisation that would fit under the headline. They should consider real-life examples and things that would be achievable.
  1. After 10 minutes, ask them to read out the story that they have developed.

In Review

Ask the participants to expand on the things that the organisation is already doing to make the story come true.

Next, ask them to suggest things that they can personally do to help the story come true.

Ask the participants to write down some actions that they will take back to the workplace, to help the story come true.​


use this free energiser to help reinforce learning while looking at a subject from a positive viewpoint.

News to Me – Free Energiser


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