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Pallet Truck Training

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Duration: 2 hours plus - dependant on number of participants.

Intended for:

Pallet Truck training is designed to protect employees, by supporting the integrated safety features of the pallet truck, and preventing injury through the correct and proper use of the equipment.

The correct use of equipment can also have a demonstrable effect on the level of maintenance required, the number of faults that develop and the life of the equipment – all of which can be adversely affected by inappropriate actions.

Ultimately, equipment training can significantly increase the efficiency of the kit, whether that be through its more efficient use or fewer accidents as a consequence of untrained individual”s actions.

Training course contents:

The key aim of these training course materials is to provide your employees with the necessary information and skills to enable them to use the equipment effectively and safely.

Please note: PowerPoint Slides are not provided with these training materials due to the nature of the training. However, the following documents are added: Pallet truck safe systems of work (SSOW), Record of Learning.

The main content of the training course materials…

Pallet Truck Safety Measures– A number of measures you should introduce that will ensure that all equipment is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended

Safe Systems of Work – Takes into account the working conditions and hazards in the workplace; is used only for suitable operations and under suitable conditions; is maintained in an efficient state, in good working order and good repair

Pallet Truck Demonstration – Provision of information, instruction, training, supervision, safe systems of work and safety signs and correct use of the pallet truck

Participant Demonstration – Their learning of correct use of the Pallet Truck within the workplace, covering:

  • Safety Devices e.g. Brake Working (if applicable)
  • Safety Wear
  • Issue of Safe System of Work
  • Safety Signs
  • Daily Checks
  • Switching equipment on (if applicable)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Performance Parameter (capacity plate)
  • Fault Reporting

Record of Learning – Completion of training records for the Pallet Truck


At the end of this pallet truck training course your participants will be able to:

  • Identify and use the safety features built into the equipment
  • Identify and understand the hazards associated with the equipment
  • Understand and demonstrate the correct use of the equipment to maximise its efficient use
  • Understand and State the relevant pre check & fault reporting procedures in use
  • To understand and demonstrate the safe use of the equipment in accordance with the associated Safe Systems of Work

Pallet Truck Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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