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Parachute – Free Team Building Game

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free team building game is useful to help teams appreciate how to work together to reach an agreed outcome.

Training course contents:

A one page set of instructions for two team building games based on parachute exercises. can be downloaded fro the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Participants – 8 or more.

Purpose – this is a couple of fun activities designed to help participants experience the practice of working together to achieve an agreed outcome.

Tools: A parachute (or bed sheet if not available), 1 x ball and a selection of toys.

Instructions – participants stand in a circle around a parachute and each hold the edge in front of them so that the parachute is off the ground. You can then practice one of the following two games.

1. Ball Bungee – Place a ball in the middle of the parachute and ask participants to work together and see how high they can flick the ball up into the air.

2. To me, to you – Place a ball in the middle of the parachute and ask participants to take it in turns to work the ball towards one of the team. Once it reaches that person, they must select a new person to roll the ball towards.

You can make this team building game more difficult by using toys rather than balls as they will not roll.

Review – have the team rate their effectiveness on a 1-10 scale (1 meaning you didn’t work well together, 10 meaning you were extraordinary). They should then comment on their ratings.

Ask, “What would you have had to do to rate your teamwork a 10?”

Ask high raters what made them rate the team so high (or low depending on response.)


Use this team building game to help teams realise the importance of working together to achieve outcomes.

This Team Building Game works well with our Team Building Training Materials.

Parachute – Free Team Building Game


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