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Peculiarities – Free Icebreaker

Duration: 5 minutes

Intended for:

We like this free icebreaker activity because it works well in any training session. It is flexible enough to be used as an Energiser or an as an Ice Breaker. It also works equally well for a room full of strangers or for people who already know each other well.

Training course contents:

Instructions to help you run the icebreaker activity can be downloaded in Word format from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Resources Needed – peculiarities Activity sheet for the leader (available free from the link at the bottom of this page).

A number of small prizes such as sweets, pens, koosh balls


1. Ask the participants to stand.

2. Explain that the object of the exercise is to discover peculiarities in the group.

3. Tell the participants that you will read items from a list, one at a time. Ask them to come forward to receive a prize if they respond positively to the statement.

Variation – pass out the list to the participants and ask them to fill it out individually, then find others in the room that have marked the same statements.

Peculiarities Activity List (you can download this for free frm the link at the bottom of this page):

1. Was born on February 29th.

2. Has or had a dog named Spot, Midnight, Lucky or Shadow.

3. Is wearing an article of clothing that was chosen and purchased by someone else.

4. Is wearing a family heirloom.

5. Drives a car more than ten years old.

6. Competes in dangerous sports.

7. Likes anchovies.

8. Volunteers for charity fundraising.

9. Was born in another country.

10. Has won a prize other than at school.

11. Has been to every other country in the EU.

12. Writes songs or poetry.

13. Has a twin.

14. Has a shoe size of 12 or greater.

15. Has milked a cow.

16. Has been to the top of the three highest mountains in the UK.

17. Collects stamps.

18. Remembers when petrol was priced only in gallons.

19. Has been to a concert in the last month.

20. Prefers winter to summer.

21. Has been on the TV or radio.

22. Restores old cars.

23. Has changed their name by deed poll.

24. Would still come to work if they won the jackpot on the Lottery.

25. Has written an article for a professional magazine.

26. Is ambidextrous.

27. Is a member of Mensa.

28. Eats peanut butter at least once a month.

29. Talks to plants.

30. Has an entry in Who’s Who.


Use this icebreaker to help break the ice at the beginning of a training session and/or to help focus participants during a training course and/or to help energise participants during a training course.

Peculiarities – Free Icebreaker


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