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perfect employees energiser

Perfect Employees – Free Energiser

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser helps managers focus on what THEY need to do to develop the perfect employees. It will help them understand not only what they are looking for from their employees, but also what they need to do to support them and help them become…prefect employees.

It is really useful to use at the beginning or end of a training course on ‘Performance Management’ or during courses on ‘Leadership Skills’.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the free energiser, ‘Perfect Employees’ can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. You can also follow the notes for the energiser below.


  1. Ask participants to work as a group to brainstorm all of the traits they expect from their employees and what they would like them to be able to do to support the manager in achieving their goals. This should be headed, ‘Perfect Employee’ on the flipchart and notes made below.
  1. Once you have a list, it’s worthwhile prioritising the list and ranking what’s most important.
  1. Now that your participants have a list and are feeling very proud of themselves, it is time to flip the activity on its head.
  1. Place up another flipchart and ask the participants, ‘What do YOU need to do as a manager to help your employees become this perfect employee?
  1. Flipchart the things that the managers need to do to help their employees.
  1. From the list, discuss the key actions the managers can take to help develop their employees.
  1. Ask them to action plan their ideas, giving dates of completion for the actions and committing to achieve them.
  1. In review, discuss why it is the managers responsibility to support their employees (linking back to the training where you can) and what the impact of this will be for the business and the manager.


This free energiser helps managers focus on what they need from their employees, but more importantly what they need to do as a manager to support this growth.

Perfect Employees – Free Energiser


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