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Performance Management

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

Anyone involved in the performance management or appraisal process. This could include: Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, HR Professionals. These training course materials will help develop the performance management skills of your participants and ensure you deliver a successful performance management training course.

Training course contents:

Expert Training Materials to Improve Performance Management

Often treated like a box ticking exercise, effective performance management is actually fundamental to achieving a successful future. Performance management is not a fixed sequence of events, but a continuous process that constantly adapts to the needs of the team.

These comprehensive training course materials give you everything you need to deliver an effective and results focused performance management training course. The benefits of this course are profound:

  • Improved organisational performance – staff become aligned with company goals.
  • Improved productivity – performance is benchmarked to set challenging targets.
  • Improves communication – promoting open dialogue and building better relationships.
  • Clear accountabilities – a chance to recognise good performance while improving poor.
  • Saves management time and reduces conflict – making clear cost savings.
  • Ensures efficiency and consistency in performance – building team spirit.
  • Clarifies expectation of employees – provides a chance to establish future objectives.
  • Defines career paths and promotes job satisfaction – people feel cared about.
  • Better employee retention and loyalty – feedback is crucial for personal development.

The organisation that embraces effective performance management is creating a strategic advantage in the marketplace. These performance management training course materials provides all the information and techniques you need to deliver this game-changing training course.

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The main content of the training course materials…

The key aim of the performance management process is to develop the team to assist the organisation in achieving its objectives. The main content of these training course materials for Performance Management are:

What is Performance Management? – Developing an understanding of what Performance Management is and how we embed it into the culture of the organisation.

The Performance Management Cycle – Showing that Performance Management is a cyclical process and demonstrating the requirements at each stage. Including the need for ongoing reviews.

The Key Skills of Performance Management, including:

Objective Setting – Ensuring that objectives are clearly defined, describe performance requirements and are SMART.

Ability or Motivation? – A simple tool to help assess the best approach to take to developing an individual.

Adapting Your Leadership Style – Applying the ability/motivation tool to a specific work based example.

Feedback – Identify what positive feedback is, and is not.

Giving Difficult Feedback – Providing some key tips on this topic.

Judgemental or Behavioural Feedback? – Ensuring that our feedback is on specific, observable actions rather than ‘feelings’.

Performance Reviews – Taking delegates through a six-stage process.

Performance Reviews Practice – An opportunity to put the skills to the test.

Using the GROW Model to Joint Problem Solve – Looking at the GROW framework from a Performance Management perspective and providing specific questions to aid the process. With practice.

Managing Poor Performance – Identifying which actions to take and when, with some key skills.

Dealing with Poor Performance – A defined process to use.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Team Performance – Tips for analysis and Review. How can we implement these in the workplace?


At the end of this performance management training course your participants will be able to:

  • Explain their role in managing the performance of their team
  • Describe the key stages in the performance management process
  • Use the performance management skills and techniques practice to create a development plan
  • Develop techniques to address poor performance
  • Review the challenges that face them within their specific team
  • Follow an action plan of their key development points.

Performance Management

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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