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Presenting Technical Information

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Duration: 1 Day

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Anyone who works in a technical field will, at different points in their career, have to deliver presentations or speeches containing technical information. Most people would agree that just the idea of giving a presentation can be quite daunting. This feeling can be heightened by the presenter’s concern about whether the audience will even understand them!

These training course materials have been developed to help your participants plan and deliver technical presentations. They are therefore intended for anyone that may have to deliver technical presentations as part of their role.

Training course contents:

Help participants deliver technical presentations that get results!

Technical information, also known as jargon, includes special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. When presenting this type of information, confusion and misunderstandings can occur. These training course materials have been designed to help participants appreciate the need to present technical information in such a way that the message is not only understood, but also appreciated and acted upon.

Why is running this Presenting Technical Information training course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Establish the best method of delivering technical information, ensuring the message is received with enthusiasm.
  • Adapt their approach to suit the audience.
  • Create visual aids that are well-considered and effective.
  • Develop a constructive approach to delivering a message, focusing on the desired result of the presentation.
  • Understand how to manage questions of a technical nature and keep the presentation on track.

Ultimately, these training course materials will help employees to focus on creating effective presentations that get the key message across and allow the audience to absorb data in a structured way.

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Most technical experts or managers will at some time be asked to present their ideas to others. This can prove a particularly difficult task for people who may not be skilled in delivering presentations in the first place. Even those people that have experience of presenting may fall into common traps when the information they have to get across is data driven.

Delivering technical information to an audience that understands the detail of the topic you are presenting is one thing, but connecting with an audience that is not technically minded and has little understanding of your message is quite another. It’s easy to bore an audience with a jargon-filled presentation with lots of technical PowerPoint slides that people can barely see. How do you deliver a technical presentation that everyone understands? How can you present data confidently and get results? These training course materials have been designed to address these common concerns.

The main content of the training course materials…

Introduction and Objectives – Setting the scene and establishing what the participants expect to get out of the training course.

What Makes Information Technical? – Establishing what differentiates technical from non-technical information and highlighting that what some people find non-technical may cause confusion for others. Identifying the pattern of technical information and the different forms it comes in.

Types of Presentation – Exploring past experiences of presenting and the different formats it can take.

Purpose Statements – Focusing on the skills and techniques that will help create focus and understanding for the audience and add impact to presentations. Includes a session on writing clear purpose statements to set the groundwork for a good presentation.

Analysing the Audience – Establishing the needs and wants of an audience and how best to get the message across.

Introductions – Identifying the best methods of creating an impact at the start of a presentation with a chance to practice both writing and presenting an introduction with impact.

Getting the Content Right – Creating a plan for the main content of the presentation and developing a clearly structured approach (several supplied). Knowing what to focus on, the priorities for information and how to make sure it is received and understood.

Presenting Data – Choosing the best approach to suit the audience and the message that you want to get across. Using bar charts, line charts, pie charts and tables – how to present them to ensure clarity. Including images and pictures so that they are clear and understood. Knowing how to introduce  visuals and communicate them to the audience so that they get the best response. Includes a clear structure for communicating the message of the visuals and technical data.

Techniques for Presenting Technical Information – Using personal presentation techniques to get the most out of the technical information, including; Using Your Voice, Grice’s Conversational Maxim, Stories, The Rule of Three, Analogies, Metaphors, Imagery and Basic Rhetorical Devices.

Handling Questions – Covering a set of techniques for handling questions throughout a presentation.

The Golden Rules – Reviewing a set of clear guidelines for performing effectively when presenting technical information.

A running theme throughout this training is for the participants to focus on a technical presentation that they have to make in the future and work on making it effective. As with all Trainer Bubble training course materials, this course is highly interactive and includes activities, discussions and exercises throughout to both engage the learners and help embed the learning.


At the end of this Presenting Technical Information training course your participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and define technical information
  • Decide on the level of detail and technicality
  • Describe and deliver on the needs of the audience
  • Create and use visual aids effectively
  • Use high-impact presentation techniques

Presenting Technical Information

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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