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Professional E-mails

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Duration: Half Day

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E-Mail has become an important means of communication in business. We use e-mails to communicate internally to our work colleagues and despite other advances in communication, e-mails are still a key tool used to communicate with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Unfortunately, it can be said that we do not always display the same professionalism in our e-mails as we do with other forms of business communication and professional standards are still evolving.

Training course contents:

In this short training session we consider what standards we need to be applying to ensure that our e-mails are professional and effective. This involves eliminating common mistakes, applying professional standards and following accepted e-mail protocol.

Three Aspects? – The participants in this session consider three aspects of writing e-mail and start considering how they can improve their business e-mails by paying attention to these.

E-Mail Errors – Participants discover common errors made in business e-mails and how to eliminate these errors. They also have the chance to put this into practice by proof reading and correcting a short e-mail.

Professional Standards– This section contains an activity to help participants understand the professional standards they should aim for when writing business e-mails. They also get the opportunity to put this into practice by re-writing an unprofessional e-mail.

E-Mail Protocol – Here participants look at a number of diverse issues such as addressing e-mails, font type, font size and the use of attachments.

Legal Aspects– This is a short introduction to some legal aspects of writing and sending e-mails and is not intended as an in depth legal analysis.


By the end of this professional emails training course your participants will be able to:

  • Eliminate simple errors when writing and sending e-mails
  • Write e-mails that comply with the professional standards of your organisation
  • Follow accepted protocol when writing and sending business e-mails

Professional E-mails

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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