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Psychic Card Trick – Free Training Game

Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

Intended for:

This is a good free training game activity to use when one or two people complete an exercise early during a training session. It keeps them occupied for a few minutes while other participants are still working and helps to keep their brain active. Can they work out what is going on?

It can also be used as a fun activity at any point to refocus participants.

Training course contents:

This PowerPoint training game can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

The Psychic Card Trick PowerPoint training game is designed more as a bit of fun to break up a training session than a serious activity. However, you can use it to demonstrate how we sometimes lack observation and can miss details if we focus on something too hard.

You can set this up in two ways, as follows:

Explain that you are a great magician and that you can read the participants minds. Run through the slides explaining that each time you would like participants to pick a card from the set provided. Upon revealing the next slide, explain that you will make that card disappear. On revealing the next slide, their card will magically disappear…how did you do that?

Do not explain the activity – just run through the slides slowly and ask participants to establish what is happening. See how long it takes them to work it out.


This PowerPoint training game is a good activity to help fill time for one or two participants who finish a training activity early and to help them to keep their brains active. It can also be used to show of your magic skills!

Psychic Card Trick – Free Training Game


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