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Quote This – Free Icebreaker

Duration: 15 minutes

Intended for:

A free icebreaker to run at the beginning of a training event.

Training course contents:

To break the ice whilst at the same time linking to the theme of your course.

Resources Needed – you will need to provide participants with a list of quotations from famous people. Better still provide the quotes on posters displayed around the training room. The quotations should be linked to the course topic.


If you are using a list of quotations provide each participant with a copy. If you have displayed your quotes on posters ask participants to wander around the training room to look at them. This part of the activity can work well if you play some suitable music.

Ask participants to select the quote that most appeals to them or most typifies their views about the course topic.

After a few minutes ask participants to return to their seats – don’t forget to turn off the music. Now ask them to introduce themselves, read the quote they selected and explain why they chose it.

At the end of this activity you can introduce the course programme linking to the introductions made by the participants.

Note: You can download some quotations and posters from the free section of the Trainer Bubble website.


Use this icebreaker to break the ice whilst at the same time linking to the theme of your course.

Quote This – Free Icebreaker


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