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Redundancy Resource Pack Guide

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Duration: This product is an HR Resources Pack for Handling Redundancies rather than a training course. Therefore, the pack should be used as required throughout the redundancy process.

Intended for:

Line managers, HR employees and anyone who is required to be involved in redundancies will benefit from this pack of information and resources that will assist the user throughout their own redundancy process.

Training course contents:

Please note: This a resource pack, not training course materials.

This redundancy resource pack gives suggestions on how to handle redundancy in the workplace. It is a no fuss, step by step guide which aims to provide the key things managers need to know about redundancy handling. It will help to deal with the administrative aspects of a redundancy and provides hints, tips and resources. The pack seeks to address the day-to-day and practical issues facing managers who handle redundancies in small numbers and in a non-unionised setting.

The pack includes a number of reference documents to help managers through the redundancy process. In the body of the pack we cover:

1. What is Redundancy? – a definition so that you can make sure the circumstances you face constitute a fair redundancy

2. Planning – here we show you how to create an organisational plan detailing where you are now and where you want to be; we include useful ideas on how to tackle the early stages of the redundancy process and show you where to go to work out statutory redundancy payments

3. Who is Affected? / Selection Criteria – we explain here how to create a pool of those affected so that you can begin to work systematically on implementing the redundancy process, looking at the pro’s and cons of different selection criteria

4. Scoring – using a simple example, we explain how and why to score roles and thereby identify which are ‘at risk’

5. Providing Notice of Possible Redundancy – we outline a typical first meeting and follow up letter to get the process underway

6. Consultation – here the pack talks you through the different stages of consultation, including meetings, follow up letters (with examples) and reaching final conclusions

7. Voluntary Redundancy – this section outlines the possibilities and implications for voluntary redundancy

8. Compromise Agreements – a brief look at the use of compromise agreements including how and when they might assist you in the redundancy process

9. Right to Time Off – this is a synopsis of an employee’s right to time off and how this affects you in terms of pay and accommodating requests

10. Appeal – we explain the statutory requirements for appeals in the redundancy process and using a sample appeal procedure, we explain how to manage them.


When you reach the end of the pack you will:

  • Know what a fair redundancy is
  • Recognise the necessity for thorough planning prior to taking redundancy action
  • Know how to select and score for redundancy purposes
  • Know the alternatives to compulsory redundancy, including the use of voluntary redundancy and compromise agreements
  • Be able to list the principles and practical application of fair consultation
  • Know the key rights of redundant employees, including to appeal
  • Have considered the guidance documents provided

Please Note: In this resource pack, we do not and cannot provide you with confirmation that you are acting within the correct requirements of employment law; we can simply give you some tools to support you through the management of the process. Wherever possible, you should take legal advice on matters relating to redundancy. This may be through the use of an employment lawyer or via a free service such as ACAS or a telephone helpline provided as part of your employers’ liability insurance policy.

Redundancy Resource Pack Guide

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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