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Report Writing – Self Study Workbook

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These Self Study Workbooks have been developed as a tool to assist learners outside of classroom training. As the name suggests, they provide the user with the opportunity to explore the learning for themselves or with a coach. They can be used by individuals to develop their own personal skills in a given topic, or by organisations that want to upskill their team members in a cost effective and timely way.

Self-Study Workbook Contents:

In the fast paced work environments we encounter today, these workbooks provide the perfect opportunity to develop and build on skills that might otherwise be neglected.

The workbooks provide clarity and insight to the specific topic, whilst including activities, questions and practical tasks that ensure the learner is immersed in the topic and learns from a practical and straightforward approach. A great way to have fun while learning at your own pace!

This particular self study workbook focuses on ‘Report Writing’.

Section One – Introduction to Report Writing

This section covers the key principles of report writing and lays the foundation for the remainder of the workbook’s activities. Topics covered include:

  • Why a report?
  • Why are some reports ineffective?
  • Basic Principles of Report Writing
  • Structure of Business Reports

Section Two – Plan and Prepare

This section looks at a number of techniques to help report writers prepare before beginning the task of writing. Great emphasis is placed on planning and preparing as we consider this to be the key to effective report writing.

Topics Include:

  • Purpose of the Report
  • Knowing your Readers
  • Generating Ideas
  • Sources of Information
  • The Extended Pyramid
  • Report Outline

Section Three – Write the Report

Learners work on an actual report or develop one from the provided brief. This section builds on the principles already covered and will also cover topics such as:

  • Getting Started
  • Overcoming Writers Block
  • Language

Section Four – Check and Edit

In this final section we consider the importance of checking and editing reports before submitting. We suggest an approach that gives the best chance of ensuring that learners present professional reports to their readers.

Learners get the opportunity to practice their checking techniques.

The self study workbook contains activities, questions and tasks that provide you with an opportunity to learn through doing and challenge your own thinking.


On completion of this self study workbook, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and plan reports that meet their intended purpose
  • Produce reports that conform to an established and acceptable structure
  • Proof read and edit reports effectively before submitting them to the intended readers

Report Writing – Self Study Workbook

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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