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Report Writing – Virtual Training

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Duration: 4 modules: 1-2 hours each module

Virtual Training

Virtual Training Materials – These materials have been adapted from the corresponding classroom course materials that you will also find on our website. However, we have changed the structure and content so that it better suits delivery in a virtual environment such as a video conference call, which helps with training of remote workers. This means no major alteration to the content, but the structure and method of delivery will have altered.

Intended for:

These report writing virtual training course materials will help improve the report writing skills of your participants and help them to develop reports that get their message across in a clear and concise way. They’ll be provided with the tools and techniques to formulate their ideas and structure their reports, so that they have the maximum impact.

The training approach is intentionally practical and provides plenty of opportunity for your participants to practice their skills and apply the theory. Therefore, the learning can be applied to anyone throughout the organisation with varying levels of skill.


Training course contents:

Effective report writing requires the writer to first consider the intention of their report and what they hope to achieve. Once they have established the intent behind the report and the expected outcomes, they can progress to preparation, gathering ideas, structuring of content and a full review.

The report should be written with the reader(s) in mind and aim to persuade them with a well-formulated structure and an easy to read presentation of information. These report writing training course materials aim to provide your participants with the framework to support this approach.

These report writing virtual training course materials contain a mock report that participants can use as a template post training.

Module One – Introduction to Report Writing

The opening module of this virtual training course sets the outline for the rest of the training and provides the main standards that report writing should conform to. The key topics covered are:

Why write a report? – Establishing whether a report is the most appropriate form of communication for the message.
Why are some reports ineffective? – An activity that helps participants understand why some reports do not hit the mark.
Basic Principles of Report Writing – The foundation that reports should be built on. These include; providing accurate information with evidence that supports it with a format, structure and style that is appropriate for the audience.
Structure of Business Reports – Following clear guidelines to building a report while taking into consideration the purpose of the report and the needs of the reader.

Module Two – Plan and Prepare

In this modules, participants focus on creative methods of developing ideas and content for a report, which will help with preparation and formulating content, which is the most important element of effective report writing. Areas included:

Purpose of the Report – What is the intention behind the report and what are you trying to achieve?
Knowing your Readers – Understanding why they might be reading the report and what they would expect to see.
Generating Ideas – Methods of gathering data and information to include within the report.
Sources of Information – Ensuring the information is accurate and true.
The Extended Pyramid – A technique for filtering and planning information.
Report Outline – Developing the core elements of the report.

Module Three – Write the Report

A chance to practice building a report based on an example brief provided. This is an opportunity to implement the skills learnt throughout the previous modules. This will cover the following areas:

Getting Started – Overcoming the things that get in the way of writing a report.
Overcoming Writers Block – A technique to remove barriers to writing.
Language – Focusing on style, clarity and simplicity to get the message across effectively.

Module Four – Check and Edit

The final module looks at proofreading and a full review of the content to check for errors or other editing requirements. This will help ensure the reports are presented in a professional manner. Participants practice their proofreading skills and ability to edit and review content.


By the end of this report writing training course your participants will be able to:

  • Prepare and plan reports that meet their intended purpose
  • Produce reports that conform to an established and acceptable structure
  • Proofread and edit their reports effectively before submitting them to their intended readers

Report Writing – Virtual Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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