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Report Writing

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These report writing training course materials are aimed at people who are new to report writing or who need to improve their report writing skills. As you would expect from Trainer Bubble this is not a programme covering theory alone. Participants are expected to put into practice what they are learning as they go through the day.

These training course materials will help develop the report writing skills of your participants and ensure you deliver a successful report writing training course.

Training course contents:

Report writing plays an important role in the workplace and being able to develop successful reports is a core skill. A well-written report is planned, structured, styled and proof-read for maximum effectiveness. It requires a good understanding of the potential reader and a method of presenting the information that helps to inform and persuade.

These report writing training course materials will provide you with all the content necessary to deliver an effective training course on the topic. Providing your participants with all the tools and information required to develop exceptional report writing skills.

As well as the usual contents of Trainer Bubble Training Packs, you will also receive a ‘Mock Report’ and ‘Structure Cards’.

Section One – Introduction to Report Writing

This section covers the key principles of report writing and lays the foundation for the remainder of the day’s activities. Topics covered include:

Why a report?
Why are some reports ineffective?
Basic Principles of Report Writing
Structure of Business Reports

Section Two – Plan and Prepare

This section looks at a number of techniques to help report writers prepare before beginning the task of writing. Great emphasis is placed on planning and preparing as we consider this to be the key to effective report writing. Topics Include:

Purpose of the Report
Knowing your Readers
Generating Ideas
Sources of Information
The Extended Pyramid
Report Outline

Section Three – Write the Report

Participants work on an actual report or develop one from a brief provided by us. This section builds on the principles already covered and we also cover topics such as:

Getting Started
Overcoming Writers Block

Section Four – Check and Edit

In this final section we consider the importance of checking and editing reports before submitting. We suggest an approach that gives the best chance of ensuring that participants present professional reports to their readers.

Participants get the opportunity to practice their checking techniques using the reports they produced earlier.


By the end of this report writing training course your participants will be able to:

  • Prepare and plan reports that meet their intended purpose
  • Produce reports that conform to an established and acceptable structure
  • Proofread and edit their reports effectively before submitting them to their intended readers

Report Writing

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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