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Self Coaching Model – Free Document

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Self coaching model for learning professionals who are new to employer engagement roles.

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Having robust employer engagement strategies is important not only to gain the Training Quality Standard (TQS) but also to show that the learning provider is serious about working effectively with employers. Formal programmes such as Apprenticeships, Train to Gain and Diplomas rely heavily on the success of such relationships. Learning providers also need the additional finance raised from selling bespoke learning solutions to local businesses. This is in order to balance the books and in some cases to survive in a competitive market place. Much is dependent on you being successful in this high profile role and very often there is very little resource within the organisation to help you.

This five step self coaching process will help you get started, build momentum and meet your goals.


This article proposes a five step self coaching process for employer engagement specialists to follow. It is also important that all learning, albeit good, bad or indifferent, is disseminated throughout your organisation and wider learning community. Achievements should be applauded and widely celebrated as success breeds success.

Self Coaching Model – Free Document


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