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Snowball Fight – Free Energiser

Duration: 15 - 30 minutes

Intended for:

Use this free energiser…

To test learners knowledge of the given topic in a fresh way.

To be used when there is a need to re-cap the learning from a session. Typically at the end or just after lunch.

Training course contents:

A one page set of instructions for the energiser, ‘Snowball Fight’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or  you can follow the notes below…

Oriew a video that explains how this icebreaker works…


1. Ask delegates to write a question relating to the training event that they are currently involved in on the centre of a sheet of A4 paper. They should create as many questions as you feel are necessary (two each will usually suffice).

2. Next, ask them to screw the sheets of paper into a ball.

3. When the delegates have completed this, ask them to form a circle around the room.

4. Next, ask them to have a snowball fight with the pieces of paper. When a snowball lands near them, they should throw it back to the line of people on the other side of the room.

5. After a short period of the ‘throwing’, ask everyone to stop. The delegates must then pick up the paper that is closest to them and in turn, answer the questions.

Possible Use – this energiser is particularly effective just after lunch when you want to test retention of knowledge and also ‘wake’ the delegates.


This energiser is useful to test learning gain and refresh participants. Particularly useful after lunch.

Snowball Fight – Free Energiser


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