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Spot the Difference – Free Training Game

Duration: 10 minutes

Intended for:

Use this Free training game when you want your participants to compare similar but different information. This training activity works well when the training involves developing technical knowledge.

Training course contents:

The free download at  the bottom of this page contains the instruction you will need to run this game and an example set of slide for a ‘spot the difference’ training game. You can download these for free or follow the notes below.

Resources Needed – you will need to provide participants with two or more pieces of technical information to compare. In the example included in this resource are two PowerPoint pages each containing technical information about laptops.

You can make up your own technical summaries in the same way and on just about any subject.

For example:

  • To compare motor vehicles
  • To compare insurance policies
  • To compare contracts
  • To compare package holidays

Print off enough copies for each participant or to have one of each page.


Arrange participants into teams. 

Explain that you will be providing them with technical information about two (or more) similar items. Their task is to list all of the differences they are able to spot.

You can turn this into a competitive activity by timing the teams and declaring the team that provides the quickest (all correct) answer the winner.

This will help participants to learn and/or consolidate technical information.

Dependent on the topic and the purpose of your session you can easily build on this activity.

For example, the slides attached to these two notes compare two laptops. If you were training sales staff you could ask then to compare the features and benefits of the two products and explain how they would use the information to sell these products.


Use this training game to help compare different but similar technical information in an engaging way.

Spot the Difference – Free Training Game


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