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stress risk assessments

Stress Risk Assessments

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Duration: 1 Day

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Employers have a responsibility to identify sensible measures to control risks in the workplace and one of the key risks to an employees health is stress, which means that the importance of carrying out stress risk assessments should not be overlooked. Organisations that implement an effective strategy to deal with stress and the things that affect it will note that the benefits are considerable.

These ‘Stress Risk Assessments’ training course materials are suitable for, team leaders, supervisors, managers, HR professionals and anyone else involved in the management of people or organisations.

Training course contents:

Employers are becoming increasingly concerned about the issue of work-related stress and the effect it can have on organisational performance.  Further, the potential costs of absence and employment tribunal claims have brought into sharp focus the need for companies to be more proactive in their management of stress as a real and present work place issue.

A stress risk assessment is a process which enables employers to begin to tackle stress at work.  Ideally, it is just one part of an employer’s stress management strategy – perhaps as part of a broader well-being plan – but by using these training course materials, you will be able to show your participants how to use SRA’s even without this underpinning strategy.

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In these stress risk assessment training course materials, your participants will identify stress, understand how it can be risk assessed and then, what recommendations might be used to reduce its effects.

Using exercises, activities and sample documents, the course gives compelling reasons for an employer to undertake this relatively inexpensive yet effective process.  Participants will take away a model stress risk assessment questionnaire as well as a range of practical hints and information to enable them to carry out a stress risk assessment back at work.

The main content of the training course materials…

Introduction and Objectives – We begin by identifying the subject of our course – stress and the stress risk assessment

Understanding Stress Risk Assessments – Establishing what a stress risk assessment is and how it helps address workplace stress.

Why Undertake a Stress Risk Assessment? – Identifying a range of reasons for the implementation of SRA’s, including those of a health and safety and legal nature

The Stress Risk Assessment Process – With reference to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, outlining the steps in implementing the SRA, with a checklist to refer to for verification

Suggested Approaches to Stress Risk Assessments – Exploring the structure recommended by the HSE (Management Standards) for completing an SRA and shows how this can be mapped onto an SRA questionnaire

Who Should Undertake the Stress Risk Assessment? – Here we consider the best person to complete the SRA process in order to obtain the most objective and useful outcome

Completing a Stress Risk Assessment Questionnaire – This provides a quick-fire guide to the interpersonal side of the process and outlines the key skills and format to use

Evaluating – Exploring the evaluation process and shows how it dovetails into the recommendations

Outcomes – Establishing the solutions an assessor might recommend according to whether the cause of stress is internal or external. As well as examination of the idea of accreditation and standards as they are relevant to stress in the workplace, and how the issue of disability might interplay with the SRA process

Review – Completing the picture, we discuss in this final section the need for review so as to understand the effect of any recommendations made in the SRA report.


By the end of this Stress Risk Assessments training course, your participants will be able to:

  • Give a clear definition of stress and stress risk assessments
  • Refer to a model for stress risk assessment
  • Identify who is best to undertake a stress risk assessment
  • Outline a range of interventions that might be used

Stress Risk Assessments

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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