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Team Juggle – Free Energiser

Duration: 10 - 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser works well with large groups that might need re-energising. This also works as an effective team building training activity.

Reportedly used by the Home Office in Britain to help build inter-departmental relationships (It’s lucky we are giving it away free with that kind of endorsement!)

Training course contents:

A two page document containing the instructions for this ball throwing energiser activity can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Tools – Juggling balls or equivalent soft throwable objects.


1. Ask the team to form a circle. You will also form part of the circle with the throwables in easy reach.

2. Explain: “I’m going to start by tossing this ball to someone in the circle. That person should then toss it to someone else, ensuring that they are not next to them. That person will toss it to another person who has not yet received it and again not immediately on either side of him or her. Throwing continues until the last person tosses the ball back to me. Remember who you tossed to because we will try to recreate the pattern the next time we try it.

3. Toss the ball to someone across from you. The cycle continues until the ball comes back to you. Repeat one more time so that everyone is clear who they toss the ball to and from whom they receive it. The ball must follow the same pattern both times.

4. Explain: “Now we are going to try to repeat the process, but we are going to see how many balls we can keep up in the air at any one time.” As soon as they toss the ball, grab another one from your stash and toss it. Repeat until a) there is exactly the number of balls going as there are participants or b) the process begins to break down. Notice how many balls the group has going, and retrieve them as they come back to you.

5. Inform the group as to how many balls they had in the air when they were doing their best. Ask the group to consider how they might improve their performance.

6. Begin the process again. Typically the group will improve the number. When finished, ask the group to reflect upon their success (or lack of).


It is fun to add items that are different to those expected i.e. a rubber chicken or a piece of fruit etc.



Use this team building energiser to build teams and re-energise the team.

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Team Juggle – Free Energiser


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