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Tower of Pegs – Free Energiser

Duration: This free energiser can last anything from 5 - 30 minutes dependent on how you use it and the discussion time you allow.

Intended for:

This activity works well as an energiser. However, it is probably of most value when used during a training programme involving team working and/or team building. We like to use this with people who are not used to working together.

Training course contents:

Instructions to help you run the energiser activity can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Resources Needed:

  • 100 Clothes Pegs for each team
  • Tape measure
  • Possibly some small prizes


1. Divide the participants into teams of three or four people.

2. Distribute 100 clothes pegs to each team.

3. State that their task is to build a free standing tower using the clothes pegs, and that the team with the highest tower will be the winner.

4. State that they will have five minutes to plan and build the tower.

5. Consider offering a small prize to the winning team

6. You can use this activity to lead into a discussion about the course subject matter.

For example of the training is about team working – What challenges did you face in working together for the first time?

Possible Variation:

7. Instruct each team to build a bridge between two objects such as two chairs or tables.

This energiser can be really visually appealling and great for ‘team’ photos. It’s particularly good when you use lots of different coloured pegs.


Use this energiser…

To help energise participants during a training session


To help participants consider the challenges they face when working together in teams

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Tower of Pegs – Free Energiser


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