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Producing an evaluation plan will allow you to identify necessary resources and any potential barriers to the evaluation process. Crucially, it will also give you an opportunity to get involvement from key stakeholders. This should in turn help to focus stakeholders” attention on supporting achievement of the training objectives.

Training Course Contents:

A guide to planning your training evaluation provided by our friends at can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page.


Your evaluation plan will need to consider the following:

  • the scope, aims and objectives of the evaluation – these should be based primarily on the training objectives, expectations of outcomes and agreed success criteria.
  • the evaluation timeframe
  • who will be involved in developing and managing the evaluation process and how they can be engaged in the process
  • the resources needed
  • areas of expertise needed
  • what will be evaluated, which data will need to be collected, who will provide it, and how and when it will be collected
  • what data analysis will be needed, how the results will be reported and who they will be reported to
  • the success criteria that will be used to judge the success of the evaluation process.

You will find guidance on each of these areas in the free resource available by clicking the link below.

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