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Triple H – Free Team Building Game

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free team building game can be used for all types of team building events or training programmes where team building is an element. It is great for building trust and creating an environment of psychological safety.​

Training course contents:

A two sheet team building game document that can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

This is a useful activity for creating high performing teams, building psychological safety, developing trust and an understanding between team members. By encouraging team members to share personal information, you help develop trust and a sense of understanding between colleagues. This helps move relationships from superficial and transactional to collaborative and nurturing.


Set the tone that the conversation is a ‘safe place’ and anything shared in the room should stay in the room. This helps to build trust.

Next, you simply ask participants to share three different stories with the rest of the team. Each of these stories is based on a concept beginning with ‘H’, hence the ‘Triple H’. These are…

Hero – Who is one of your heroes and why? Who has inspired you? Who they are and what they do.

Hardship – What is a hardship you have been through in the past?

Highlight – What is a highlight in your life? Your greatest achievement.


It is helpful to start with your own ‘Triple H’ first, as this will start the trust process.


You should allow every team member to share their ‘Triple H’ with the group before summarising at the end. It is useful to summarise with a question such as…

What important or valuable information have you learnt from this activity?

Often, people will mention that they didn’t know that about someone, or that they were inspired by a particular person’s comment. This is useful to help build trust, openness, understanding and collaboration between the team.​


Use this team building activity to help develop trust and better emotional connections between team members.

Triple H – Free Team Building Game


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