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Use this Ulrich model document as a method of updating personal knowledge on this model or during developmental and HR training.

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A PowerPoint document, which shows an example of the Ulrich model with advice on the method of use can be downloaded from the link on this page.

The idea of HR strategic partnering or business partnering became prominent in the late 1990’s, mostly led by the academic author Dave Ulrich. The concept behind the model was that HR should move beyond traditional transactional roles (recruitment, payroll, industrial relations etc.) and instead become strategic partners within an organisation focusing on supporting business goals (performance management, talent management etc.) and using metrics and analysis much like other areas of the business. This changed their position from consultants and advisors to managers rather than an administrative function. This model has formed the basis for the current approach to HR in organisations today.


The download on this page provides a developmental tool, which is useful for training courses and meetings.

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