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Up Up Away – Free Team Building Game

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended for:

This free teambuilding game can be used for any training course, to explore leadershipteambuildingplanningdecision makingcommunication and problem solving.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the free team building game, ‘Up, Up, Away’ can be downloaded in Word format for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Number of Participants:

Two teams of 3 minimum. Or, run as an ‘individual’ activity with at least 3 people.

Resources: several balloons (one for each team), helium, string, scissors, paper, sticky tape, paper clips, ‘Weighted’ objects such as nuts, small stones etc.

Rooms with high ceilings are better for this team building game


Place participants into teams and advise them that their task is to be the team whose helium filled balloon takes the longest to reach the ceiling. They must do this by trying to ‘weight’ their balloon using the materials provided.

Give the team ten minutes to prepare their team balloons and after you call time they must be ready to release their balloons.

Ask them to all release their balloon at the same time and see which team is the winner. You might even like to reward a small prize.

Spend ten minutes reviewing the team building game using your own questions, or the questions below as a guide.



  • Discuss team dynamics.
  • How decisions were made.
  • What was the problem solving process?
  • Who, if anyone, led?
  • What helped?
  • What hindered?
  • How well did they communicate?
  • How did they work together as a team?


This teambuilding game is useful to explore all areas of team dynamics and to provide a fun method of doing so.

Up Up Away – Free Team Building Game


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